Friday, February 22, 2013

Twenty-two things I love about the Old Glory Antiques Fair!

This year, Old Glory will host the twenty-sixth annual Old Glory Antiques Fair,
an outdoor antiques show featuring over 70 dealers from Colorado and surrounding states. I look forward to hosting this event all year long! 

The 2013 show will be held on June 14 + 15 at beautiful Clement Park in Littleton, Colorado. I hope you can join us! You can keep up with the Fair, get behind-the-scenes updates, and see what special events and guests we'll have this year on our blog:

And since today is February 22nd, and since twenty-two happens to be my favorite number, I decided to share twenty-two things I love about the Old Glory Antiques Fair... 

number one:  early summer mornings

number two:  stars + stripes!

number three:  shopping!   

number four:  old friends...
I love the amazing team I work with!

number five:  new friends...
I so enjoyed meeting Ki Nassauer and
Jo Packham at the fair last year!

number six:  kettle korn!

number seven:  a blank canvas
I love the endless creative possibilities of an empty tent! 

number eight:  unloading day! 

number nine:  creating "welcome bags"
for our vendors

number ten:  the shoppers!

number eleven:  burgers on the grill

number twelve:  did I mention shopping?

number thirteen:  Clement Park

number fourteen:  the beautiful flowers

number fifteen:  our amazing vendors...
I wish I had a photo of each one!

number sixteen:  collections

number seventeen:  the t-shirts!

number eighteen:  more shopping!

number nineteen:  my family...
thank you Brian, Brett, Tom, Laura
I love having you by my side at this event!

number twenty:  architectural finds

number twenty-one:  traditions
like this one...bagpipes signal the opening of the fair!  

number twenty-two:  Old Glory.  


  1. Holly, Your blog is beautiful - and we soooo love the show! can't wait for the next one!

  2. Loved this post! How nice to be included with my BFF, Donnasue, in number 10.
    We are looking forward to this year, and counting the days.